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Summer '07

Congratulations to the winners of the Summer '07 Podcast Peer Awards


Favorite Audio Podcast

Winner: Grammar Girl

Other Finalists:
Cast On
CBC's Best of Ideas

Best Business Podcast

Winner: The Financial Aid Podcast

Other Finalists:
Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life
The Podcast Brothers

Best Comedy Podcast

Winner: Comedy4Cast

Other Finalists:
Teknikal Diffikulties

The AndyCast
Punky Radio

Best Family Friendly Podcast

Winner:The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Other Finalists:
Griddlecakes Radio
Escape Pod Classic
Dancing with Elephants
Digger's Story

Best Adult Podcast

Winner: Swingercast

Other Finalists:
Twilight & Thebes
Nobilis Erotica
Savage Love
Public Nuisance Radio

Most Original Concept

Winner: Barely Podcasting

Other Finalists:
Cult of UHF
Barely Podcasting
Alive In Baghdad
Tiki Bar TV

Best Music Podcast

Winner: Punky! Radio

Other Finalists:
All Axis Radio
Eclectic Mix
Audio Gumshoe

Best Newbee Podcast

Winner: Mighty Mommy

Other Finalists:
Callbox 7
Better L8 Than Nevr

Best Political Podcast

Winner: Truth Seekers

Other Finalists:
My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

Best Science Podcast


Other Finalists:
Logically Critical
This Week in Science

Best Serialized Fiction Podcast

Winner: 7th Son

Other Finalists:
Failed Cities Monologues
Nina Kimberly The Merciless
the Heaven Series

Best Short Podcast

Winner: comedy4cast

Other Finalists:
One Minute How To
Mighty Mommy
Short Cummings